Report of June 3rd Cubicweb Meeting

Hi everyrone,

Version 3.28-rc1 is on its way! First, let's have a look to the issue board state.

Milestone update

  • Introduced types #10

  • logilab.common.deprecation has been typed (see hackathon report below): done

  • Add tests for the content negociation !20: MR about to be accepted

  • Update logilab-common changelogs #43 : done

  • Add automatic doc re-build to the CubicWeb CI #8 : done


  • Review and accept MR !20
  • Release logilab-common and cubicweb 3.28-rc1

Semver discussions

Right now, dependencies are only specifying a minimal version. So if we introduce a breaking change in a new version, apps might break too. We plan to follow semver convention to prevent this from happening.

We also discussed the idea of aligning version between compatible tools, so every major version would work with the same major version of other tools/dependencies.

This idea will be introduced in 3.29 documentation, but will probably start with the release of Cubicweb version 4.


Last Friday we did an internal hackathon at Logilab and Laurent, Noé and I spent time working on Cubicweb. We mainly:

  • wrote changelogs for:

  • logilab-common

  • cubicweb

  • tried to add a Merge Request template on Cubicweb

  • doesn't work on Heptapod actually, we will ask Octobus to have a look (see #46)

  • added annotation types on logilab.common.deprecated

  • improved tox.ini and added a gitlag-ci.yaml file in cube skeleton

That's all! You should receive and email soon about the rc1 release.

Thanks for reading,