CubicWeb sprint in Paris - 2012/02/07-10


To be decided. Some possible topics are :

  • optimization (still)
  • porting cubicweb to python3
  • porting cubicweb to pypy
  • persistent sessions
  • finish twisted / wsgi refactoring
  • inter-instance communication bus
  • use subprocesses to handle datafeeds
  • developing more debug-tools (debug console, view profiling, etc.)
  • pluggable / unpluggable external sources (as needed for the cubipedia and semantic family)
  • client-side only applications (javascript + http)
  • mercurial storage backend: see this thread of the mailing list
  • mercurial-server integration: see this email to the mailing list

other ideas are welcome, please bring them up on


This sprint will take place from in february 2012 from tuesday the 7th to friday the 10th. You are more than welcome to come along, help out and contribute. An introduction is planned for newcomers.

Network resources will be available for those bringing laptops.

Address : 104 Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, Paris. Ring "Logilab" (googlemap)

Metro : Glacière

Contact :

Dates : 07/02/2012 to 10/02/2012