CubicWeb sprint / winter 2014

This sprint took place at Logilab's offices in Paris on Feb 13/14. People from CEA, Unlish, Crealibre and Logilab teamed up to push CubicWeb forward.

We did not forget the priorities from the roadmap:

  • CubicWeb 3.17.13 and 3.18.3 were released, and CubicWeb 3.19 made progress
  • the branch about ComputedAttributes and ComputedRelations (CWEP-002) is ready to be merged,
  • the branch about the FROM clause (CWEP-003) made progress (the CWEP was reviewed and part of the resulting spec was implemented),
  • in order to reduce work in progress, the number of patches in state reviewed or pending-review was brought down to 243 (from 302, that is 60 or 20%, which is not bad).