Browsing the Semantic Web

Now that the Web of Data has become a reality, innovative applications are springing up everywhere. Here is a selection of web apps that help you browse the semantic web.

  • Parallax is a faceted browser that is demonstrated by displaying the content of Freebase.
  • Neofonie demonstrates its faceted browser by displaying the content of DBpedia at
  • VisiNav is a search engine that allows to refine searches in a way that reminds of facets.
  • Falcons is a search engine that indexes RDF data.
  • Sindice is a search engine that indexes RDF data as well as data extracted from Microformats. It offers public Sindice API that can be used to retrieve the search results as RDF, json or Atom.
  • SameAs is a service that returns all the equivalent URIs for a search term or a given URI.
  • When you enter search terms, collates the data from the resources included in the results of a search on Sindice.
  • When you publish your product data according to the GoodRelations ontology, informations like the price show up in Yahoo's search results.

More and more services will appear in the coming months that make use of these new resources. Just for tagging, you may look at CommonTag, Zemanta and OpenCalais and imagine new ways to automate and facilitate the process of publishing information on the web.