Documentation progress

As part of an effort to improve the documentation (see the cw_course version) a lot of chapters have been completed (and filled with real-world examples). Many more were updated and reorganized.

I won't list everything but here are the most important improvements:

picture under creative commons

Picture under Creative Commons, courtesy of digitalnoise.

  • The publishing process
  • Templates & the architecture of views
  • Primary views customizations (including use of the uicfg module)
  • Controllers
  • Hooks & Operations
  • Proper usage of the ORM
  • Unit tests
  • Breadcrumbs
  • URL rewrite
  • Using the CW javascript library

Last but not least, a whole new tutorial based on Sylvain's great series Building my photos Web site has been included. It covers some advanced topics such as Operations and sophisticated security settings.

The visual style has been enhanced a bit to have better readability.

As always, patches are welcome !

picture under Creative Commons, courtesy of digitalnoise