CubicWeb sprint in Paris about js and css

Logilab is once again hosting a sprint around CubicWeb - 5 days in our Paris offices.

The general focus will be around javascript & css :
  • easily change the style of an application
  • handling of bundles merging javascript and css
  • have a clean javascript API, documented and tested
  • have documentation about the css & javascript parts in the cubicweb book

This sprint is taking place from thursday the 29th of April 2010 to the 5th of may 2010 (weekend is off limits - the offices will be closed). You are more than welcome to come along and help out, contribute, or just pair program with someone. Coming only for a day, or an afternoon is fine too... Network resources will be available for those bringing laptops.

Address : 104 Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, Paris. Ring "Logilab".

Metro : St Jacques or Corvisart (Glacière is closest, but will be closed from monday onwards)

Contact :

Dates : 29/04/2010 to 30/04/2010 and 03/05/2010 to 05/05/2010