CubicWeb Retrospective: June - October 2022

Review of the last few months

  • Extracting the cubicweb.web module into a cube
  • Additional fixes for XSS (finalized)
  • Template for cookiecutter
  • Making entity methods available in RQL
  • Fixed login page redirection
  • Release MR for using rest_path in content negotiation
  • Begin removal of deprecation warning
  • Publishing weekly meeting debriefs and posting on CubicWeb blog
  • We have started to set up roadmaps (to be continued and developed)
  • Request for public FOSS at

Construction sites to be planned

  • Use of the global kanban of the CubicWeb group (to think about if you really want to do it)
  • 3.38 released with extraction of CubicWeb.web
  • We will have to think about the communication around CubicWeb
  • Thinking about general communication to (re)federate a community
  • Consider release pace for major releases
  • Workshop(s) reflecting on the necessary projects for CubicWeb 4
  • Determine what is the CubicWeb API and what is part of its internal workings
  • Imagine a solution to replace the use of registers and the selection mechanism in cubicweb (when possible) or in any case think about how to make it more explicit and easier to debug
  • Explain the life cycle of a cubicweb instance