CubicWeb Retrospective: Novembre 2022 - January 2023

Summary of the last few months

  • CubicWeb 3.38 is out!
  • CubicWeb is less and less dependant of CubicWeb-Web
  • We worked on some tools to facilitate form creation in React, stay tuned :)
  • CI/CD issues had been reported to our system administrators, and it's getting better
  • We have a clear milestone for CubicWeb 4, we know where we go, and there are only a couple of issues we have to fix before the release of CW 4!

Projects to be planned

  • Release CubicWeb 4
  • Build a milestone for after CubicWeb 4 (some usefull view of CubicWeb-Web in React, etc.)
  • Clean the forge! We have a lot of old issues here.
  • Think about typing in our projects
  • Be clear to what belongs to the public API and what should be stay private
  • Keep moving things from CubicWeb to CubicWeb-Web
  • Thinking about general communication to (re)federate a community
  • Consider a presentation of CubicWeb 4 in some meeting?