CubicWeb Monthly news October 2022

Activity report

CubicWeb 3.38 Progress on the next major version

The extraction of the web module continued during the month of October and we managed to deliver a first stable version of this cube. This is now used by the default branch of CubicWeb.

To inform of the removal of this cube in the future, a DeprecationWarning has been added that will notify developers that using cubicweb.web and cubicweb.view will be removed when CubicWeb 4 is released.

A script has been implemented to migrate the cubes and projects present in the forge to call the web cube directly, instead of the compatibility layer currently in place.

In addition, the DeprecationWarning that appeared when launching a CubicWeb instance have been largely resolved.

End of mandate retrospective

In order to take stock of the last four months spent on CubicWeb, we have organized a retrospective on October 25, 2022. A report on this retrospective will be published in November.


#594 Request a CubicWeb account on the Heptapod forge

In order to facilitate contacts with external developers and to welcome contributions more easily, we have decided to set up a dedicated account on the Heptapod forge.

An account creation request has been sent to the team and we are currently awaiting a response from them.

New versions

The following components were released during the month of October:

  • cubicweb 3.37.8 (with backports for 3.35 and 3.36 branches)
  • cubicweb-celery 1.0.0
  • cubicweb-celerytask 1.0.0
  • cubicweb-tsfacets 0.5.1
  • cubicweb-web 0.1.2
  • cw-celerytask-helpers 1.0.1
  • rql 0.40.1

See you next month!