CubicWeb Monthly news December 2022

Activity report

CubicWeb 4 and its API

Currently, we have a cube, cubicweb-api, which contains some routes to query a CubicWeb backend. This cube aims to be used with a web client. Do we want to merge this cube in CubicWeb 4 ?

There are some issue to be fixed in cubicweb-api, and some tests to add.

Road to CubicWeb 4

Before the release, we need to add some feature, like content negociation with basic HTML and RDF views.

Many part of the codes still depends of cubicweb-web, especially configuration classes and test framework.

Some cubicweb-web views are pretty usefull, for instance "/siteinfo" and "/schema". We plan to build React component/pages for these.

See you next month!