CubicWeb Monthly news Septembre 2023

Activity report

Cube API

This month have been dedicated to improve the cube API. One of the missing feature from the cube API, was the file management. Some works have been done to allow the uploading and the downloading of file from the API routes.

Cube Web

The cube Web habe been fixed and the translation are correctly used with the command cubicweb-ctl i18ninstance.

Debian Bookworm

The latest version of Debian was released the 22 July 2023 and ship the version 3.11 of Python.

To start the migration to Debian 12, we add a new Docker image for our CI, based on Debian Bookworm.

New version

The following components were released during the month of september:

  • cubicweb-api 0.9.0
  • cubicweb-eac 2.0.1
  • cubicweb-pwd-policy 1.4.0
  • cubicweb-seda 0.24.1
  • cubicweb-tsfacets 0.6.1

See you next month!