CubicWeb Monthly news December 2023

December's activity report

New year, new monthly report. Lots of activity despite the holiday break, mostly focused on code cleanup and JS libraries. Read on to learn more.

API Cube and JavaScript Clients

  • Defined a new roadmap to further improve the JS libraries architecture. The main goal is to stop depending on the @cubicweb/data-provider package which implements react-admin's interface for querying data. While this interface worked well for cubicweb-react-admin, it is too limited when working with more generic applications. We thus decided to extract the RQL request generation to its own package to make creating requests from JS clients easier. (link)
  • Following the roadmap, extracted yup generation from @cubicweb/react-form-utils to its own package @cubicweb/yup. This will allow developers to reuse yup validation on projects not using React. (link)



  • Finished cleaning modutils usage in logilab-common. More work needed to continue cleaning deprecated code. (link)
  • Removed deprecated code from Yams. (link)


  • Released API Cube v0.11.0. It introduces support for file upload/download, and unifies the transaction and rql routes. Please note the compatible JS client version is still pending (link)
  • Following recent cleanups of deprecated code, we are very close to releasing yams 1.0 and logilab-common 2.0. This will be lead up to a Cubicweb 5 release. (link)


This blog post does not cover all of what is happening in Cubicweb. It only lists the most impactful changes and releases. If you want to learn more, check out the development board or chat with us on Matrix.

You can also meet us every Tuesday at 14:00 (Europe/Paris) on Whereby for our weekly development meeting, where we review the development board then select a few subjects to do pair-programming on.

See you next month!