CubicWeb Monthly news January 2024

January's activity report

This month we made two major releases, check out the Releases section! There has also been some work around a new JavaScript transaction-builder package, to ease generation of RQL requests from the client.

API Cube and JavaScript Clients

  • Created the JavaScript package @cubicweb/transaction-builder (work in progress, not published yet). This package allows users to generate transaction queries for common actions such as fetching entities, editing attributes and others. All RQL generation previously found in @cubicweb/data-provider has been moved in this package. We are now free from the React Admin Data Provider interface and can design our JavaScript API to match CubicWeb's needs. The @cubicweb/data-provider and @cubicweb/react-form-utils packages will use this new package as a base for generating requests. The transaction builder API is still under discussion. (link)
  • Added a demo CubicWeb instance in the CubicWebJS repository. This is very basic for now but can be used in the future to properly test the JS libraries using the demo as a server. (link)


  • Released API Cube v0.12.0. It fixes issues with CSRF restrictions being applied on GET routes. Compatible with JavaScript client version 3.0.0-alpha-7.
  • Yams v1.0 and logilab-common v2.0 are out! We now need to bump the requirements and remove some more deprecated code to release CubicWeb 5.


This blog post does not cover all of what is happening in Cubicweb. It only lists the most impactful changes and releases. If you want to learn more, check out the development board or chat with us on Matrix.

You can also meet us every Tuesday at 14:00 (Europe/Paris) on Whereby for our weekly development meeting, where we review the development board then select a few subjects to do pair-programming on.

See you next month!