CubicWeb Monthly news February-March 2024

February and March's activity report

Here are the highlights from the past two months:

  • We fixed security issues and bugs, in Python and JavaScript/TypeScript projects.
  • The new JavaScript/TypeScript client library is still refining its public API.

We also continued our work towards CubicWeb 5, but there is still more to do before a release.

API cube and its TypeScript client



This blog post does not cover all of what is happening in Cubicweb. It only lists the most impactful changes and releases. If you want to learn more, check out the development board or chat with us on Matrix.

You can also meet us every Tuesday at 14:00 (Europe/Paris) on Whereby for our weekly development meeting, where we review the development board then select a few subjects to do pair-programming on.

See you next month!